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From Bruised Bananas to Dazzle Camos, if you love football shirts HIGRE is the place for you. We sell vintage and modern kits, t-shirts, art and apparel inspired by classic football moments. Rated excellent on Trustpilot, we aim to be the most trusted source for football shirt buyers.

HIGRE was founded in 2012, sharing interviews with bloggers, journalists and footballers about their favourite football shirts. We found everyone had a story to tell, and the memories attached to these simple pieces of clothing never fade.

As our community grew over the years we launched a marketplace and packed it with hand-picked gems, from the very best holy grails to exclusive modern classics which would otherwise be hard to collect. We work with some of the best and most-trusted football-shirt sellers in the world to bring you authentic products from the beautiful game.


Mike Maxwell: Mike founded FSC in 2012, and grew it from a buying and selling site, to the marketplace it is today. Alongside the day to day running of the business, Mike is always on the look out for new vintage shirts and modern classics to add to our store!

Phil Delves: As Head of Content, Phil is the creative playmaker of the team, covering every angle of football shirt news in our blogs and weekly Newsletter. Whether it's telling your fakes from your authentics, or deep dives into the newest designs, Phil will have all your football shirt content needs covered.

Matt Leslie: Matt is the E-commerce & Digital Marketing Lead, keeping the FSC socials fresh with each newly released shirt.